More About Me

Carl Balsillie is a Broker Associate with W Real Estate in Santa Rosa, CA. One of Carl’s areas of expertise is finding properties that need either cosmetic TLC or major rehab. Some of his clients are contractors who take train wrecks, rehab them and then flip them within a month or so after purchase. Other clients are just looking for cosmetic fixer properties that need carpet, paint and/or landscaping. Both of these type of clients want to fix and sell as fast as possible or hold for positive cash-flow investments for their portfolios.

Carl also has vast experience in working with first time buyers in their search for their dream home.  He prides himself in making sure they understand each step of the process.   

Carl holds a masters in Mathematics from California State University at Long Beach. He has his brokers license for California. Carl has performed over 1000 BPO’s and listed several REO’s in the past few years.

All properties Carl lists not only go on MLS, office tour and brokers tour, but also each get their own web site, multiple open houses and email blasts to agents in Sonoma, Marin and Napa counties.

Carl doesn’t just list homes   --- he sells and closes them.